In Memory

In Memory of Brandon - Becky's Testimony

My testimony began many years ago with many mistakes made and all forgiven by the grace of our God who extends his grace to each one of us. There are not the chosen few that are forgiven. Every one of God's children has extended grace, and that is why God sent his Son to die for our sins.

In Memory of Brandon ...I lost my son Brandon Tyler Stewart in 2007 at the tender age of 15 years old. He was a 4.0 honor roll student at WMHS and had many friends he grew up with in private school at Jesus of Good Shepherd. He loved people, life, art, soccer, basketball, guitar and was always helping others. My sweet son, Brandon Tyler Stewart, died in a friend’s home in November of 2007 from aspiration after ingesting a portion of a drug he was given by other kids in his circle of friends. Although some his friends went to jail for manslaughter for that event, I did not feel that the true people responsible for his death were held accountable. I wanted to get answers as all parents would, but God spoke to me and told me none of that would bring Brandon back. I had to find God, and once I did that one thing, I immediately felt a forgiving heart. I laid on my son’s grave in the pouring rain begging God to give me an answer. God told me that if I can find it in my heart to forgive THIS event in my life and all those involved, God would release that feeling and my life would be full with the promise I would one day see my son again. My son’s death brought me to God, and his death taught me how to love unconditionally. Brandon Tyler you are the reason I found God, and I thank you for the 15 wonderful years you were in my life. Brandon, you talked to me, you walked with me, smiled and laughed at me, hugged me, cried with me, taught me so much from such a kind soul. You were smart beyond your years and touched so many lives. I will continue to spread your love and your vision that you always taught others to love unconditionally. You wereWhite cross with wreath on Brandon's grave a peacemaker, and you would build up people up so they knew their worth. I had to let go of the bad feelings I had toward the people where my son died that night in November of 2007 and, instead, embrace them with love...

Sooooo………I bought a house, and oddly enough it was the same house my son had previously picked in another neighborhood before his death. I moved into their neighborhood and drive past their home every day. I know now if I ever see this woman and her son, I can wrap my arms around her and tell her or him "I love you."

After Brandon died, God still had some lessons for me to learn as well as growing up in Christ. I have heard God tell me to take my vision and passion for others and turn it into something that helps other women who may have suffered in their life and think there is no hope. I am here to tell you there is hope and there is total forgiveness. You can walk in life learning to serve others and love life again. So many doors have opened up to me since I have learned to serve others and not live in my past, but for my future. I am God's child, and there are so many of you that think there is no way you can go on if you suffered such a loss or made a mistakes in life. God’s grace is extended to all and this vision is for me to pay it forward and teach women to dress themselves in dignity and love. Who would have ever thought I would be the one passing this on?? God knew and now I know and with His love and His guidance I have opened C'est La Vie’ Boutique and pray it will bless many women. Our store will continue to give a portion of all the sales going to our ministries every month this year, and we will pick four new ones next year. I know these ladies appreciate the donations and the love that we will give to these ministries this year (Project 41, Mercy Multiplied, Wellspring, and Life Choices).

Thanking God for allowing this vision to be a part of the community serving others and giving back as He gave to me and so many others.

Thank you Lord...

Becky Campbell