Meet the Staff



 Becky Campbell Egloff - Owner

I am Becky Campbell Egloff, a former Nurse and Legal Medical Consultant.  I have three beautiful children and five grandchildren. I live in West Monroe, Louisiana, and am a member at First West Baptist Church. I worked many years ago as a retail manager and knew when I retired I was going to take my vision for fashion and do something good for other people. I have heard God tell me to take my vision and help others by turning it into something that helps other women who may have suffered in their life and think there is no hope. I am here to tell you there is hope and there is total forgiveness. You can walk in life learning to serve others and love life again. So many doors have opened up to me since I have learned to serve others and not live in my past but for my future. I am God's child, and there are so many of you who think there is no way you can go on if you suffered a loss or made a mistakes in life. God’s Grace is extended to all.  This vision is for me to pay it forward and teach women to dress themselves in Dignity, Strength, and Love. To show love to others, dressing them in strength, thus donating a portion of all sales to ministries that help women. I thank God for allowing this vision to be a part of the community serving others and giving back as He gave to me and so many others. Read more>


Deborah Carter-Manager

Hi! I am Deborah and I am so blessed to be a part of this team. I am a  wife and mother of four guys, 3 by birth, and one by love! I spent years homeschooling my boys, but when they went to public school, I was looking for my place in the work force. I wanted to use my talents, but I also wanted to use my passion for Jesus, women, and fashion. Becky and C’est La Vie’ have given me all of that! I too have quite a story of overcoming, and if you will come see me, I would love to share it with you. My prayer is that I can help you ladies dress yourselves in a manner that maximizes your assets  and minimizes your liabilities, and maybe even add a little light to your day in the process. I look forward to serving you!! 



Career Opportunities 

Interested in joining the C'est La Vie' staff?  Contact Becky at and put "Career Opportunity Applicant" in the subject line.  We are working on an online application coming soon!